There's nothing I wouldn't do, to hear your voice again

Message to the people in London:

I'm finally at home (yeah well, have been the last 6weeks:D)! Before I start blogging again, I wanted to write you this message.

I never knew I was going to miss London so much. And that's because of you. I remember when I stepped in our form for the first time and it felt like I had always been there. I saw different faces, trying to remember every one of them. I saw different classrooms, trying to remember every one of them (gosh that was hard:D). I can still remember when Edman showed me the whole school (Fatima couldn't 'cause she had to do something) telling like "this here is the English class, and this is PSHE, and this.....". At last she end up almost losing her mind because after she'd finally shown me every yard and corridor and toilet and classroom she said "So now you remember everything right?:)" and I was just like "no.". Sorry Edman...:D

The first school days were horrible. I was throwing up and crying every morning. Still, thinking about it now I know that the pain really was worth it. I can't actually remember how I started getting friends, but at the end of the year I began to realize that I was really going to miss these guys, they were so important to me:(. I have ever met that kind of people I did in London. So caring and kind. So adorable.

Also, I was always eating my twixes and carrots. :')

The last day at school was one of the saddest days of my life. The feeling when I put my uniform on for the last time, and put my ID card on, looking at the picture of me with my fringe at the start of the year, felt crushing. It felt like a nightmare that I wanted to wake up from, but I couldn't.

I've always wanted to say this, what Michael Morpurgo said in his book called Butterfly Lion, which was the first book I bought after moving to London:
All my life I'll think of you.
I promise I will.
I won't ever forget you.

Ps. Everytime I went to the shower I thought what would be the last wors I'd like to say at my last school day. The last time in the shower before the last day I started crying because I realised that now it would be the time to use those words.

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